Hacking on the Treadmill and Other 2 week notes

Blog Post created by Jesselott on Jan 29, 2020

I've been doing like a mile a day and hitting the gym hard trying to recapture some of those rogue calories that are sneaking into my mouth somehow after 2 FULL WEEKS without a Newport.  That cough, though!  Once I get my heart rate up and I get good and moving, invariably, I start hacking like a Russian Trump Supporter.  It's this dry, unproductive cough that is loud and obnoxious.  It's a real head-turner in the gym.  They probably think I have the Coronavirus. 


I am starting to develop the super-power of smelling smokers from a mile away.  I have a Spidey sense -- I can find any smoke break area by following my nose.

Wow.  I smelled like that and still got dates when I was a single man??!!  


That's pretty amazing.  Must be a testament to something.  The grace of God maybe?  Thank you Lord.  Or I am just the luckiest man in the world?  Maybe a little of both.


Hacketty hack hack.  I'm still not goin back.  You know that my brain tells me that a cigarette is what we need to STOP THE COUGHING?! Shut up're sounding more like Pinky every day.


They probably miss me at the gas station -- but I dont miss those daily trips to fulfill my lips. 


My teeth are looking really nice -- I keep brushing em twice to distance me from this vice.


I treat myself with little things using the money I would buy a pack -- it really helps me when I can see touch and hold the alternative to that.  


I cant focus, my head aches,  I'm a gluttonous lout, I cough like the cough champion of Georgia...but I can honestly say that I am so proud of my willpower.  When it came to sex, drugs, nicotine, alcohol, or whatever...I never exercised willpower, never.  I am so proud of myself now.  Rock on, me.  


Anyway, 2 weeks long and 2 weeks Strong.  Too blessed to be stressed and too hung to be sprung!  In my dreams LOL.  Anyway, happy Tuesday and thank you in advance for the warm comments. You all have been so accepting of a total stranger and I appreciate the love...some of you have so much of it that it gives me a lot of hope for humanity -- lol.


Hope someone gets a laugh at my expense this morning!  Mad love and much respect.  Keep fighting the noble fight!!!  Be proud!