Blog Post created by Jesselott on Jan 19, 2020

I have really discovered myself in this quitting action:


I discovered that I am a 3rd degree greedy hangry grumpkin *******! 


Yes, a full-blown one.  I really need to do something to take the edge off.  Jesus, am I edgy.  I'm over here lecturing my still-smoking wife on joining my journey when it is only mine that I should be concerned with right now.  I'm getting offended when she makes little quips and barbs (that's what all married people do btw).  


Pancakes and bacon for breakfast? Why not?!

5 double stuf oreos and a big glass of milk -- that's good for the figure!  Got my calcium!

On top of a plate of saltines with ham and cheese?  Need my protein!

A Del Taco Burrito while I was out with crinkle fries?  

And some pot roast open-faced sammich for dinner?

I could go downstairs right now and kill a plate of food.  


Anyway, it's just week one and I haven't alienated everyone yet.  

Pray for me.

I'm doing the same.


Thank you for all the kind words and support.  Everyone else that knows me just thinks I'll fail.  Like my wife says, I'm probably on here just to be an attention-*****.  Anyhow, it feels good.  Thank you.


7 Days and no plans to concede my resolve.