100 Days (and Counting)

Blog Post created by Jerica_82 on May 1, 2018

Well, I never thought I'd make it but yesterday I hit that 100 day mark!  I had an appointment to discuss my reflux issues and schedule some tests. As we were walking out, I looked up and saw a beautiful framed picture of a cardinal.  They say a cardinal is a visitor from heaven.  I know it was just a picture but I instantly thought of my grandma and I felt like she was there.


 The day of my quit on January 20th, I opened the window blinds in my kitchen and in the bushes were a bunch of cardinals.  Maybe I'm crazy, but I always think of little things like this as comfort and reassurance.  Another silly coincidence... the hospital employee that walked us out had a name tag reading "Jerica", which is the name I use on here, but not my real name. Lol.  


I'm really excited that I've made it to this point (if you can't tell. Haha).  100 days ago I remember reading others' posts about hitting this "milestone" and thinking I'll never make it that far.  ***When you CHANGE that way of thinking, YES YOU CAN!***  And really every day of freedom is a day of WINNING!! Good reason to celebrate!  


Thanks for all the support, friends.  You are all so strong and so inspiring! 


101 DOF