Nobody understands but us addicts....

Blog Post created by JenniferK79 on Feb 9, 2018

Now that I told you a little about my past drug addiction I want to start writing about my nicotine addiction I have come to realize there is no different between drugs alcohol or cigarettes all three can kill you and will i am 38 years old I have been smoking since I was 14 I have been in hospital due to my lungs from smoking I want to just throw them down and it's not that easy if I continue to smoke I will die and at a early age because of my lungs I have asthma copd and still smoke and my family and kids and husband come down on me just stop they say if it were that easy I would have stopped years ago now my husband never smokes in his life he's drug free alcohol free so it's hard for him to understand the addiction he never left me thru my drug addiction he helped me and he is the only one that knows I am ready to stop I didn't tell him my quit date I told nobody but my recovery group here nobody understands but you people here every one has a story and this is mine and I thank you for sharing yours with me it's helping me alot