Quit smoking is harder than my past drug addiction pt.2

Blog Post created by JenniferK79 on Feb 5, 2018

Hello every one well today is another day that I have been blessed with and I have been thinking about stop smoking everyday all day for some time now I quit drugs last year my clean date is November 13 2017 I feel great today I wanted to stop smoking cigarettes at that time also but my doctor has said one thing at a time so I put the drugs down and went thru a awful withdrawal stage. I went thru withdrawal for a few weeks I stayed at home and detoxed instead of going to rehab again I have been back and forth with drugs and rehab since January 2013 I was what's called a pull popper,prescription junkie, I had a back injury back in 2010 and they had put me on pain killers I got hooked on them and out of no where I was having panic attacks and anxiety was horrible so my doctor put me on Xanax and other medications I was on uppers downers pain killers alot of different medication and I realized I had a problem in 2012 when my attitude changed I started run no g out of my monthly perceptions buying other peoples prescriptions and I ended up in rehab on Jan 2013 I lasted five hours and called my boyfriend now husband to come get me I tried stopping at home I wasn't ready. I went thru ups and downs homeless shelters my relationship with my boyfriend and family it was very ugly until January 2015 I ended up back in rehab I did 5 days detox and release and was good for only a few weeks I had a great job making great money and I had accidental overdose at work I woke up in the hospital with my ex boyfriend so I thought next to me he never stopped living me thru all this he talked me back into rehab to go and finish the program and he put my ring back on my finger he has asked me to marry him back in 2013 i relapse then and left him not his fault it was my addiction I went back into rehab March 12 2015 I completed the program I got out and i married the man that loved me more than I loved myself. I stayed clean for a few months and my son moved out of state at the age of 18 I couldn't handle it and relapsed I was on and off drugs until last year and on November 12 2017 I took my last pill and smoked my last joint and gave my life back to Jesus christ. I just wrote a very short story of my past drug addiction I wanted to share because of its drugs alcohol cigarettes ECT... A addiction is a addiction and now I am on a new journey to try to stop smoking cigarettes I'm a little afraid because I have stopped smoking before and I was so depressed and so so angry and I want to be in  good spot mentally so I don't relapse on pills as of today I don't want any ever again but all I have left is cigarettes I stopped drugs,drinking, and now I want to stop smoking IF YOU CAN RELATE TO MY STORY OF DRUG ADDICTION AND STOP SMOKING AFTER PLEASE COMMENT I NEED ALL THE ADVICE AND SUPPORT I CAN HAVE PLEASE!! P.s I did pick a quit date    thank you all I will be back tomorrow xo