Quiting smoking is harder than my past drug addiction.

Blog Post created by JenniferK79 on Feb 4, 2018

I am clean off drugs almost three months now and it feels great. I need to stop smoking I am a asthmatic and I have c.o.p.d I am only 38. Soon as I picked a date to stop smoking I catch myself smoking more. I have been smoking on a regular since I was 14 I thought I was cool. My doctor told me if I don't stop smoking I am going to die. In my life three people confirmed I will be on oxygen sometime in my forties. I am a born again Christian I grew up in church but I chose to take a different road and that road was full of potholes. I believe God puts certain  people in your life to tell or show you things that you are to blind or to caught up to see like when 3 different people in 3 very different stages in my life that didn't know each other said to me that if I don't stop smoking I will be on oxygen in my forties. I have tried to stop over the year I never made it past three months but this time it's life or death. When I stopped before I was so mean and I didn't like that person I am not that person it's not in my nature I am a nice person at nature. I started drugs at 14 also as I write here in my blog I will try to write everyday my story will unfold with my addictions in my life and how I stopped when I stopped and why I started maybe I can help someone in this journey to stop smoking cigarettes and maybe with your feed back someone can help me quite smoking. To give you a idea for my life stories I am a wife to a wonderful man I been married for almost three years I have three kids ages 20.13 and 7 by three different men and that is hard for me to say sometimes because I feel people look at me different I will continue my story tomorrow it feels good to share my story for the first time in my life to be continued.......