Stress, Stress, and more Stress

Blog Post created by Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14 on Aug 13, 2018

The last couple of months has been very stressful at work - faced with developing new procedures, submitting information to potential buyers in a new format, and dealing with a boss who has had a "itch" to fire someone.  Luckily I have (so far) stayed out of the line of fire.    


I would be a liar if I said that smoking had not entered my mind.  But I am pleased to say that the thoughts have been easily dismissed.  


I visited one of our properties last Thursday.  I caught a ride with a co-worker from lunch back to my car.  She is my age.  She has a new vehicle (very nice) that she bought in January.  It literally reeks of cigarette smoke - really makes me happy that I no longer smoke.  I am sure that she does not even notice it.  Just one of the many benefits of quitting - everything smells better!  


OK  Newbies!  Make a list of the "pros" off quitting!  There really are no "Cons" - so don't even go there!  Review that list daily - and do whatever is necessary to remain smoke free!  It is truly the very best thing that you will ever do for yourself!