Memories of Smoking

Blog Post created by Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14 on Aug 24, 2017

Had some errands to do after work yesterday and ended up close to the C-store where I bought most of my cigarettes just before I quit.  It was close to where I lived at the time and every couple of days I stopped in to get my supply.  They would have my 2 packs of Marlboro Light 100's on the counter before I could even say anything - they knew me....and that is really kind of sad.  


I have not been inside that store since I quit over 1,200 days ago until yesterday.  I went in to buy some powerball tickets because you know - someone is going to win!  It stirred up some memories of smoking - but only memories.  No urges, no desires, no wants....only memories.  Give it time new quitters - you will get to a point where you have memories but no real desire to smoke.  Time is the healer.  


BTW - I didn't win the $700 million - too bad - I was going to treat us all to a EX-reunion on me....