Aunt Opal

Blog Post created by Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14 on Apr 14, 2017

I went to a visitation this evening in honor of my Great Aunt Lottie.  She was 93 when she passed away.  Only 2 siblings in that line are still alive.  I talked with one of them, my Great Aunt Opal - my childhood memories are of her smoking and drinking.  But no more - she said she quit in the late 90's and it wasn't hard for her - she had made up her mind and that was the end of it.  Oh yes she had thoughts of smoking but she told herself I don't smoke anymore.  I almost laughed when she said that but I smiled and told her that I understood what she was saying.  I believe that she is around 87 now - she buried her daughter this past year who died from COPD.  She is still grieving that loss.  No doubt - My Aunt Opal would probably not be here today if she had not quit.  But she did - and I think that her message to you would be to quit before it is too late - it is too late for her daughter but its not to late for you!