I am now 40! 

Blog Post created by Jenn_06-03-14 on Feb 27, 2017

Good Morning Ex'ers!  I am now 40 years old!  :-)  My birthday was on February 25th!  I went home to visit my family and friends.  My family threw me a Karaoke party!  It was actually for me (I turned 40) and my niece Christa (she turned 30)!  It was SO much fun!  I just love to sing!  It was amazing being able to celebrate yet another birthday smoke free!  Yipppeee!  I have family members that when they came back in from smoking outside...I could just smell the stale smoke on their coats.  It was so disgusting and it about made me sick.  It was that strong.  It just turns my stomach anymore.  I am just happy that you can't smoke indoors anymore anywhere.  At least not around where I live anyways.  It makes it so much easier to enjoy myself.  And I don't have to smell like a ashtray when I go home!  I don't feel 40!  I feel amazing!  Age is just a number.  It is all about how you feel!  Today is my 1000 day being smoke free!  Yay!  :-)  I couldn't do it without all of you!  Thank you so much!!!