Happy Friday!!! 

Blog Post created by Jenn_06-03-14 on Jan 27, 2017

Yes!  We all made it to the end of the week!  Hip Hip Horrrrray!    This weekend we have my significant other's brother's 50th birthday party!  It is going to be a fun time!  We hare having a DJ and Karaoke person there as well!  I am a huge fan of singing!  I love Karaoke!  I have often dreamed of being discovered and becoming a famous singer!  I don't think I will be discovered this weekend, but heck...maybe some day!  One issue with this weekend.  We are going to my significant other's mom's house and she smokes!  Ugh...I mean really ugh!  I can't stand the smell!  It is hard to breath in the stench!  Everything smells when we get back home!  Even the fur on my dog!  My dog's lungs are probably suffering too because she has no choice in the matter!  I wish I didn't have to put her through that!  We have to wash EVERYTHING when we get home...even the clothes we didn't end up wearing!  So, I am excited for the weekend because it will be fun, but I am just not looking forward to smelling like a smoke stack when I get home!  Not to takes us days afterwards to get over the smoke.  Even though we are not smokers, we still hack and cough after being around smokers!  I am just very very happy that I don't have to live as a smoker or around smokers!  Whew!  My complaining is now over!  :-)  I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful smoke free weekend!