Itchy (Day 8)

Blog Post created by Jelexie on Feb 5, 2020

Last night and this morning have been distinctly uncomfortable. I don't know if I'm encountering triggers I haven't already cleared or some other part of addiction brain, but every time I turn around my brain has been urging me to smoke. I haven't and I know I won't, because it's simply not an option, but it's left me sort of metaphorically itchy and rattled. It's like there's an itch deep down in my brain that I refuse to scratch, but it's just going to sit there being all itchy anyway. 


I was up late last night making sure I got Hamilton tickets, so at least there was a good reason for it! Back of the napkin math says that those cost me approximately the same as 18.5 packs of cigarettes - definitely a better investment than 20-30 days of smoking!