Tidbits of Wisdom

Blog Post created by Jelexie on Feb 4, 2020

Not mine, but these spoke to me when I needed it. Attributions are to where I first found the quote, but as the community likes to share content, it may not be to the original creator. If I've made a mistake in attributing, go ahead and send me a message so I can change it.


Smoking cessation at any age improves health and enhances quality of life. - New Surgeon General Report: “Smoking Cessation”

It's easy to be motivated when everything is going well. The goal is to stay disciplined when things get tough. - From Marilyn.H.July.14.14's Blog

You see, I’d forgotten what life without addiction was like and as such, I had to imagine that world so that I could compare it to the world that the addict within wanted me to live. - From Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011's Blog

That one really hit me. I've been smoking since I was 18 - I literally do not know how to be an adult who doesn't smoke.