A Slow Normalization (Day 6)

Blog Post created by Jelexie on Feb 3, 2020

At some point in the middle of the night, I passed the milestone "100 cigarettes unsmoked," according to my app notifications. Of course, I wouldn't have actually gotten up to smoke in the middle of the night, but sometime today in real terms, I would have smoked 100 cigarettes since I quit. On average, I would have stopped what I was doing 50 times in the last 6 days, put on my coat, walked downstairs, and smoked two cigarettes before walking back upstairs to resume whatever I was doing. That's actually a whole lot of pathways to re-wire. 


I'm slowly finding a new normal for work mornings. I had less trouble getting myself started this morning, I think. I know I always used those first cigarettes of the morning to signal to my brain that it was time to get working. I'm still slower to get started than I was, but I'm seeing an inkling of what might be. And it was much easier today to take my "morning break" and do a quick belly dancing video instead. I'm already starting to see some improvement with my heart rate, which makes it easier to keep on doing.


(I just realized this might sound a bit strange, but I work from home full-time. So getting up and doing an exercise video on a break is completely possible.)