Finally a big enough scare (Day 2)

Blog Post created by Jelexie on Jan 30, 2020

#How many times have I been scared about my health? How many times quit? This time it was test results. I hadn’t thought anything was wrong, but my doctor wanted to rule out some edge cases. I got the results and saw what I could no longer deny. Elevated CRP: inflammation. Elevated hemoglobin and RBC: my blood needed more oxygen. 



My doctor would eventually sign off on these as “mild” indicators, and they were. They weren’t a sign of anything - yet. But I know, because I can feel it in my body. And those black and white numbers were proof that “oh, it might damage my heart one day” was a lot closer than I had ever thought. 



I threw out 3/4 of a pack of cigarettes and promised myself that was it. I started exercising that same day. The next day I got good food to get me through the hunger and the hand-to-mouth pains. Fear might not be enough for you, but it was what I needed.