First day quitting juul

Blog Post created by Jehanmajid on Aug 13, 2019

Ive been smoking a juul for the past 2 years. With recent reports about it and some kids having to go to the hospital from it made me realize thats its time for me to officially quit. I just finished my last pack of pods and im throwing out every single used pod i have in the bottom of my bag. From smoking this juul ive noticed that I definitely have short breath on a daily but i would just always tell myself its not the juul and i even started making myself believe that if i didnt smoke the juul my short breath would get worse unless i smoked it. Its time to just put this all behind me officially and start clean today. I can already feel like its gonna be hard because im so used to just having it in my hand and always taking a hit from it. But i will try my best to avoid the cravings and distract myself with other things. Heres to the first day of quiting nicotine!