Amazing Support

Blog Post created by Jeep on Oct 17, 2017

Been an EX for 28 days. Just received a hand-written note and a page about “Recovery of your body after stopping tobacco” from my VA pharmacist. Pretty nice of him to take a personal interest. I’ve been amazed by the VA people and how they take care of us. The page displays from 20 minutes after you quit to twenty years. I’m on the 1-3 months: my heart attack risk has started to drop and lung function is improving. Blood circulation has improved and walking is measurably better. (just got back from nearly a mile walk- couldn’t walk more than a few hundred yards before). The cough I had before is gone. Next will be the improvements from 1-9 months after you quit.   Looking forward to then and will keep this page to witness the 20-year improvements. Means a lot knowing some of us are in the same boat and others care.