Easy my a***

Blog Post created by Jeanmarc19561 on Feb 28, 2020

Good morning everyone and please bear with me. This is a rant. I have mentioned before that this is not my first rodeo.

Over the years I've tried it all, cold turkey, patches,tapering off (highly ineffective for me), hypnosis, smoking cessation classes, gum, lozenges, etc. I'm doing fine now but fighting a killer crave and this is my way of dealing with it. I've read a number of smoking cessation books over the years. What really is eating at me right now is the misleading absolutely ridiculous claims of the titles. Let's start with Carr's book (very good one by the way) Easy way to quit smoking?! I speak only for myself here. Bull! It has never been easy. It's a struggle at times. If it was so easy we wouldn't need a site like this. Here are other titles that are full of it. Quit smoking today, 30 minutes, 7 days,10 days, 30 days. These are all actual books. I'm not suggesting these books are not helpful and have good information but let's can the crap about easy and/or quick. Bottom line is this, arm yourself with as much knowledge and understanding you can absorb. Have a plan. Mine feels like a battle plan at times. Expect cravings and have a bag of tricks ready to deal with them. And don't be afraid to lean on people here at this site. Easy? PSSST. All done. No smoking and feel I got something off my chest. Thank you for listening