Have to reset quit date

Blog Post created by Jeanmarc19561 on Feb 28, 2019

Hi everyone and hope everything is going well with you all. I'll keep this short because I'm a bit pissed off. No, make that a lot. I have had the demoralizing, humiliating, and discouraging task of resetting my quit date a few moments ago. 

Yes, I smoked. I'm not going to get into it but there was no good reason. Life is very good. Come to think of it, I'll explain a little bit. I was installing a really nice tile backsplash along the kitchen sink and counters. It looked great and for whatever reason (wrong one), I decided I wanted to smoke and admire my work. I thought even at ten bucks a pack, one would be ok. Wrong!! I'm not beating myself up too badly because I've been down this ugly road more than once. The horse threw me off and I'm getting back on! But you know, this was so disappointing. For the rest of you, stay strong and thank you for the encouragement you give. John