The beginning of the end

Blog Post created by Jaywalk20 on Apr 10, 2020

I start my quit journey today, again. I’ve tried to quit vaping before.. on my own.. with no support from anyone or resources like this platform. I’ve never been a smoker prior to vaping but became addicted soon after being exposed to this lifestyle. I was looking for something to help manage stress levels and anxiety and thought ”this is harmless”, so many were doing it after all. Ejuice wasn’t cutting it and I bought my first juul. Biggest mistake of my life! I’ve always considered myself to be a strong woman, one with willpower. I enjoyed doing things others insinuated I couldn’t.. I loved it, proving people wrong and getting **** done. Now I can’t even quit vaping. I’m an addict. (I wrote that last sentence and erased it) I’m embarrassed to say it but this is an approach I haven’t taken before... I hope it works. Being brutally honest with myself and others... exposing my truth. Maybe... I need to let it be known and when I’m urging to make a trip ASAP to the convenience store I know I’m not just letting myself down but others looking for inspiration and support from one another also. I couldn’t do it for me, maybe I can do it for us. I hope to support others on their journey and receive inspiration in return. To anyone who read that lengthy a** post.. I love you!!! Best of luck.. let’s get through this together!