Done with Juul

Blog Post created by Janet999 on Oct 16, 2019

I've been smoking cigarettes since 15 for the last 12 years. Only quit once, for a year in there. Within the last 2 years I've transitioned to mostly vaping, primarily Juul and other vapes as well.


On Sunday night I decided I had enough of it and got rid of all my vaping stuff. Monday and Tuesday I smoked the rest of my cigarettes and still had awful headaches. I didn't realize the true extent of how much I was vaping; how I was doing it all the time, everywhere. 

Wednesday I bought some nicotine lozenges and have been using them every 2-3 hours. When they're gone I will be done with nicotine for good. 


I miss it, but I know thats just the addicted part of my brain trying to justify using to feel better in the moment. 


The thing I keep reminding myself is that I don't need to give in to what will feel better in the moment. It's okay to sit with some uncomfort! It will get easier! I can do something that is hard and I can feel good about myself for making it through! 


Hope everyone else is doing well