Almost 6 years

Blog Post created by JaimeFrigginAllsup on Apr 23, 2017

Hey there fellow exers. I'm a couple months away from my 6 year anniversary. When i quit, i never thought it would be a forever thing. I didn't even think too far into my future at the time. It was only slightly important to me to be perfectly honest. 


But the bonds that i forged here really showed me, through others, how important quitting really was and is. I've had a cakewalk time of quitting worth only a few moments that were truly hard for me. But recently I was faced with the choice once more to smoke or not. 


It came out of the blue, in a moment where I was stressed and vulnerable and even though i only thought about it for a few seconds... I thought about it. 


Why didn't i do it? It was multiple reasons. I immediately thought of everyone here but I also thought about myself and my situation and reasoned  out that my situation was temporary and that smoking wouldn't change a thing anyway. So i didn't and I won't. Not one puff ever. 


I'm no super quitter. I'm just like all of you. I've got stress and hardship and I am not above being tempted but I am better than this nasty habit. 


Never give up on your quit. It is just the beginning of life changing growth. And it gives back to you immediately now than we can think of imagine. 


Stay strong. Love yourselves.