I promise I will try to never become a hypocrite

Blog Post created by Jaime1234 on Aug 4, 2019

I have noticed for years that people who are ex smokers often become the biggest hypocrites in life think about that you use to wear same shoes I walk in today don’t judge help don’t chastise help offering good advice is one thing rude ass statements are another I am a registered republican but I don’t walk up to every democratic person and say hey I think you got it wrong or you choose the wrong party people learn the difference between helping and hindering I use to work in a psych unit and learning to help someone through an illness is one of the best lessons that place ever taught me go do some volunteer work for the homeless or help a single parent make their way when they can’t help themselves maybe then you will learn the difference between helping and hindering to each of you that have been extremely supportive to me thank you each kind word helps and encourages to the rest go learn about life or take a lesson in how not to be hypocritical have a wonderful day to all