Making it min by min

Blog Post created by Jaime1234 on Aug 2, 2019

This is hard day definitely a test of patience I feel like smoking but urges mom by min are not as strong as when the day began I’m sure after eating will be hard and lately having trouble sleeping so waking up in middle of night will be hard as well since I always in past smoked when I got up but no smoking now no cigs to smoke have chewed so much gum too day I think I’m gonna have a gum addiction but at least it’s free dent gum being that nicotine gum sticks to my partial. So I’d rather be chewing this then supplement anyway I am still wearing my patch but this morning didn’t even matter it was there I was still trying to reach for my non exsistant cigarette everyone is right this is definitely a take it by min addiction but I see it becoming easier thanks for all the support