Mourning and Not smoking

Blog Post created by Jacque-smoke-freedom on Oct 9, 2017

Good Morning, Hope everyone  is well, Haven't been on site lately. Just been taking time with the family and trying to get back to myself . Its been a year since my sweetie passed. so the mourning is getting better. definitely thought about smoking again, but chose liquor instead lol. just wine every now and then to help with the pain. heck I know its been some yrs since I quit.... but dont know the exact dates anymore. lol its good ,just glad the habit is over.

I thought about guys and missed your inspiring blogs. be honest Im really not trying to go back to smoking,but its getting difficult..its like starting over again. but I think of my husband and kids and how proud they are of me, and that keeps me strong. I keep telling myself, just dont look back,, dont look back., and I keep going. keep me in your prayers.



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