It Has Been a Rough Road

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on May 1, 2020

But thank God for traveling mercy I am okay and I did not have the need to smoke.  I have not written a blog lately but recently tried but somehow I did not save it soon enough. You all know how that goes sometimes. One day I will get those thoughts back. It was about "you can make it" There have been days my head could not relay a message of help to those who are challenged with quitting smoking.  Right now I am popping in and out.  It seems I just haven't had very much to say.and that I had said it all but that is not true.  So much had been going on in my brain which was rather tired.  I miss my dad and sister.  I find myself still reaching out to them but they are no longer there.  It is kind of weird to explain. I am not complaining because through it all God had been good.  Therefore I take a deep breath and do my best to deal with life on life terms as Youngatheart.7.4.12  says and keep it moving.  

I just want to make a quick observation.

I did not have the need to smoke

That is a big statement right there.  Yes! After smoking for over 40 years and telling myself that I needed a cigarette every day not smoking is a major accomplishment.  It took time for me to change my thought process to KNOW and BELIEVE that I did not NEED to smoke.  If you want to get through the challenge of quitting smoking, start telling yourself that you do not need to have a cigarette.  One of the greatest tools you can use 

It can happen for you just like it happened for me. NOPE no matter what will keep you free.

My mantra:

Not in my hands, not on my lips, not in my lungs, not on my tongue, not up in my nose, not in my clothes, not in my throat, I will not choke because I will not smoke. 

Love you guys, missing you. Thank you all for your love and support.  Maybe when this is over we can do a mini-reunion.  Zoom seems to be the going rage with live streaming and all. For the techno-savvy folk Anyway.  Take care of yourself.   Keep it going and be real with yourself and know that you can make it with the desire, determination, discipline, and direction., ( The D's another topic, soon to come).  Just popping in to say NOPE will keep me free.