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 I have a few excerpts of wisdom and information from some articulate masterful bloggers that I would love to share. I believe new and old members can benefit from it. I am hoping that you take the time to review what I have here and/or go through the archives on your own.  There is an abundance of wealth in information, wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement on this site to help on your journey to freedom.  Some of these writers have gotten me through some of my toughest, hardest, emotional, need some love times with words of kindness, encouragement, and direction.  I just want to share a few.  I enjoy reading it and I feel it deserves to be shared. We are blessed.  Just a few...More to come.   


I thought it was my best friend - turned out it was a wolf in sheep's clothing! I thought I loved that come hither smell - turned out that it was stinkin thinkin! I thought I loved that ahhhh taste - turned out I was consuming arsenic - literally! I thought I was relaxing and relieving stress - turned out I was stealing life from myself like Dorian Grey!  I thought I was staying in shape by not being overweight - turned out I was killing myself from the inside out with every puff! I thought I was getting high on dopamine - turned out that I wasn't getting high on LIFE! Oh that wonderful fabulous smoky life before I quit! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas3.20.2010  is our own online COPD EXpert.  Go to his content and read his blogs.  They will help 


Smoking is not just a bad habit, it’s an addiction. The only way to control “it” is to not feed it until it becomes dormant. The only way for it to stay dormant is to never have another one again to be guaranteed 100% of no relapse.

I call it Adulting 101. Tell yourself “No” or “NOPE” out loud. Don’t give yourself permission for the first one. You know what it will lead to so don’t do it. Quitting again does not necessarily get easier with addictions because its the previous permission(s) you gave yourself that can make it harder to say no to yourself again. It’s up to you to parent yourself. Tell yourself no and mean it.

Ladybug--7-3-12 Infamous Wisdom


 Every day, you get up and make the same choice---today, I choose not to smoke.

You need to put down the lights as well as the "full bodied" cigarettes---put them all down

You need to put them down and never pick them up again RIGHT NOW---don't wait for a "no stress" optimal period----it doesn't exist.

No Games---just No Smoking

Sootie,  (11-15-9)  her claim to fame...toughness. No bars holding. lol.  Read her content.



From the files of Christine_Aka_Legend ( A MUST SEE)


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Video’s on smoking 

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 Never give up you can do this 


So always believe in yourself. Always believe in your ability to win. Never run from your addiction but rather embrace it. Learn it. Know it. Keep it close so it can do you no harm. Never question your ability to succeed in your quest for freedom!

Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011  Takes me to church every time. 

It has to start somewhere . . .