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Posted by JACKIE1-25-15 Nov 4, 2018

I just returned home from a weekend getaway and I am checking in to see what is going on!  I hope all is well here. This is just a quick note of thoughts to my EX-community friends.  My title may make you think this note is about setting a date but it is about when and how you can quit?  Well, the true fact of the matter is; it is not by your power nor by your might. Neither by your willpower but by your own willingness

You will quit smoking when you are:

Willing to relearn your thinking, remove the brainwashing to accept mentally you don't "have" to smoke.

 Willing to make necessary changes in your lifestyle to be free from the clutches of nicotine.   

Willing to change people places and things if necessary.

Willing to educate yourself about nicotine addiction.

Willing to accept that smoking is a drug addiction and treat it as such.

Willing to recover from the addiction one day at a time.

Willing to let it go>>>step out on faith>>> believe that you can. 

Willing to go through whatever is necessary  NOPE. No matter what is happening in your life!

Willing to make you, your health and family a priority over smoking. 

Willing to eliminate the selfish act we have performed that separates us from loved ones.

Willing to take your life back from the chain of addiction and hold on to it.

Willing to ask and accept help/support when you are having difficulty. 

Willing to give it your all and believe that you can.

Willing to see that your life can be better without smoking.

Willing to start this journey and never look back. 

Willingness makes it all doable.

When the willingness is great the difficulty is small.

This is WHEN  you will succeed.