Through it all.

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Oct 18, 2018

4 am this morning my phone rang and I did not get up to answer it because I thought it was a fluke.  Immediately following my son's phone rang.  I knew instantly that something was wrong.  I asked my son what was it.  He said it was my sister and "the paramedics are at the house resuscitating Shaun and they have not been able to revive him". My nephew, Her grandson. 25 years young.  We got dressed and went to the house which is less than a 5-minute drive.  They had already left.  The yard had yellow tape around it we could not go in.  An officer came up and said that we could go to the hospital. They were still working on him but there would be a chaplain there. When the officer said "chaplain", I knew what the outcome may be. We called ahead to let them know we were on the way. The only response from his mother was, please "pray" for me.   I met my niece in the ER in tears.  I tried my best to comfort her.  A chaplain came out and told us they were still working to resuscitate him.  After 2 +hours they were still working on him.  The doctor came out and told us they had done everything but they would continue.  My niece went back to watch. He could not be revived.  His heart stopped, not sure what happened.  There is an ongoing investigation. This is so hard right now.  I want you all to know that through it all, not the thought of a cigarette or hint of the desire to smoke came to my mind.  I am very saddened right now and have not totally absorbed all that has happened in the last 5-6 hrs. I have started to shake.  Life is short.  Remember to tell someone that you love them and be kind to one another.  The day may come they are no longer here to let them know.  Be grateful to have a family.