Still at it..

Blog Post created by Iwannalife on Jun 8, 2017

I love being nicotine free. Each morning I wake up, I breathe easier and actually want to get up and face the day. Jade and I have been on a few hiking excursions (the back yard) lol. But hey, it has trees and obstacles and I am learning to trust his judgement more and more with each excursion. My trainer said next week we get to learn how to work together without a harness. I really never thought that at the young age of 60 I would be relearning how to live. And how to live a whole new way. I love the adventures. If my training goes as planned Jade and I are going to fly to Arizona to see my Grand's and Great Grand's. Then my granddaughter is going to drive us to Michigan to see my mother. I am so excited. I am so glad that I found this site. It is was the greatest help in my quit journey, and all the encouragement given been all who have been then before me goes with me in all the challenges I have met along the way. Thank you to each of you.

I like this quit thing!