Day 2

Blog Post created by IndependentMe on Jan 26, 2018

Well here goes day 2! Yesterday was great as a whole but getting home from work was quite challenging. At this point I'm not sure I'll make it through this without leaving my husband. I'm so emotional, instead of being angry & temperamental (only once yesterday) like I've been in past attempts to quit, I'mconstantly on the verge of tears. Seriously, EVERY little thing brings tears to my eyes.... not just negative things like stress but happy thoughts & words of encouragement from others. I'm an emotional time bomb... Ughhh!


Guided meditations help me re-center myself & I'm finding I look forward to those quiet times like I looked forward to my next cigarette a few days ago. Doubtful I'll find a healthier alternative to smoking than meditation so I'm making that my new "thing".


Positive vibes to all today.... send plenty my way too!