Ok, for real this time

Blog Post created by Icandothis1313 on Jan 23, 2020

I know I am not alone in a bit of a false start to this. I tried to start my quit a couple of days ago and made it about 30 hours before I broke down, cried and cried and ended up smoking. After a day to gather myself I am back to trying again. Now begins the real quit. No false start this time. I have bags and bags of cinnamon candy and my wits about me.  This quit came up because I have had a sinus infection for 5 weeks, just got put on antibiotics and finally starting to improve.  I had managed to get down to 2 or 3 smokes a day over the last 5 weeks, and now I AM READY to quit.  Being sick this long is my wake up call. I am 37 and it has never in my life taken so long to get better. I don't want this to be a trend.  I have always been a smoker that could do what I wanted despite smoking. A handful of years ago, I ran a marathon as an almost pack a day smoker....want some bad looks, light a pre marathon cigarette.  I was heavily into weight lifting and exercise all of my 20s into my early 30s.  The last few years this habit has started to catch up to me.  I was able to successfully quit for a year while I was pregnant and for a few months after but fell back into it sleeping 2 hours a night and working 7 days a week.  Since I started again, I have been sick more often and feel worse than I ever did before as a smoker. My body is telling me it is time now to stop. STOP! While I may have a chance to undo some of the damage. STOP! Before I get sick and can't recover.  I am prepared now to be uncomfortable and I welcome the struggle ahead.  I will use this community and appriciate everyone's advice and support.