Blog Post created by Iamkfaz on Dec 7, 2017

Good Morning,  Today is day 4 of my quit.  I was worried that being home alone during the first 3 weeks of this quit was going to be harder than being my office.  I have to say that has not been true.  I have been very busy studying for a big test I have to take and it has been awesome.  I have gone very long period of times without thinking about smoking.  I have had my big craving moments but with every day that passes those cravings are slowly reducing. 


I am noticing something that has me concerned.  I am hoping this is a short term issue and it won't continue.  My husband is a smoker, he smokes a lot.  We have never smoked in the house.  The garage is the smoking room.  There is a TV and chairs and small fridge for his beer.  When I did smoke, we would sit out there together and smoke.  I wouldn't stay there in-between smokes but he does.  Now I am inside and he is outside, up to the time he goes to bed.  He is now actually sending me text messages from the garage.  I can't go in there.  Last night I went in the garage really fast and it all came rushing back and I had to leave.  I am truly hoping this situation will be get better but right now I don't see it.