Blog Post created by Iamkfaz on Dec 5, 2017

Good Morning Community,


I have completed my first day, 24 hours taken 1 hour a time.  There were times of some heavy craving.  I used my Black Pepper Essential Oil (smelling it helps) and deep breathing.  I acknowledged every craving as they came and then said "no more, I am done". 


Every hour I wrote down how I was feeling at that time.  There were times I was not very happy and other times where I felt okay.  It seemed to get a little bit easier with each passing hour.  By the time 7:00PM came around I was SOOO tired I went to bed.  I slept for almost 12 hours.  That was very surprising to me.  I guess every quit is different, I have not had this happen in the past. 


Today is Day 2 and I have no doubt that I will not smoke.  I am doing this at home by myself.  I wouldn't say this is any harder or easier than do this at the office.  At home, by myself, I can stay in my most comfy clothes and not have to hid anything I'm feeling; cravings, anger and sadness.  These feelings are all perfectly normal and should be expected.  I am being of accepting of all these feelings, I acknowledge, accept and then move on.


Last night I celebrated my Day Won with some ice cream before bed.  That was great, I very rarely eat dessert and last night it was wonderful.  I am looking forward in continuing to reach my first week, then every week after that.


High Five to a Smoke Free Day!

Karyn 1 DOF