Blog Post created by Iamkfaz on Dec 3, 2017

My quit date is tomorrow and I am again sitting on the top of the wall.  The last time I had one leg on the old side and the other on the new side.  Tonight I have both legs over on the new side.  Looking forward to getting back to where I was before I relapsed.  With each cigarette I smoked today I said goodbye to it.  I held it in my hand and said "you don't do anything for me, I am done with you".


Last night I had a long conversation with God.  We made an agreement that I would honor my body and he will be by my side every step holding my hand.  None of us are alone in this journey to be who we truly are, non-smokers.  We have God and we have each other.


I spent my time today reading through Allen Carr's book and watching his videos on YouTube.  I got his audiobook and will continue to listen it to off and on through the day.  This time may be a bit more difficult for me because I will be working from home for the next two and half weeks all by myself.  Being in the office the last time I quit probably made it a bit easier with all it's distractions.  This time it will be just me and my study books.  I am so looking forward to my recovery and to rid my body of this horrible poison.


Good Night Everyone, I will see you all again tomorrow morning.