The Day I Quit

Blog Post created by Iamkfaz on Jun 5, 2017

Today was the day, the day I quit.  I started out my day right on plan.  Got up drank tea instead of coffee, did a 30 minute workout and stayed out of the garage  (the smoking room).  I ate my breakfast at home instead of work, took my shower, got all ready for work and left.  This morning was probably the easiest part of my day.


Through out the day I had numerous pangs, some short some long.  I noticed a change in me on my drive to work.  I was so angry at the other drivers.  Had to keep reminding myself it wasn't them (they are still bad drivers) but it was really me.  


I had moments of pure anger, anxiety, and sadness. I cried at least twice today.  I chewed on straws, used a hand squeezer and spent a lot of the day reading posts on this site.  I went out to lunch with a friend and I ate everything I wanted and I loved every minute of it.  AND.... this is where it changed.....I sat at the table with my friend for a very long time after we finished eating just talking.  For the first time in a long time I didn't feel the need to hurry and get up from the table and leave for a smoke.  Now I didn't actually realize this at the time, that wasn't until sometime later.  But I saw it, i saw a small change, a light in the anger and sadness.


I can still say I will not smoke again, today was difficult.  I saw something to give me that positive, optimistic feeling.  I came home, spent about 20 minutes meditating to find my calm, and I have felt much better. (A phone app called Calm, I love it)


Thing to change/do tomorrow:  I can't go from coffee to tea (seems I'm hooked on caffeine also ) so instead of hot coffee, I'm going with iced coffee through a straw.  A friend gave me a "black pepper" esssential oil, it actually really does help with the cravings so I'm keeping this with me.


All in all I can say I am thrilled today.  I completed day 1 and I DID NOT TAKE EVEN ONE PUFF!!!!  I am pretty proud of myself.  On to day 2   


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE HERE, with reading all of your posts and comments I made it through day.