What a Beautiful Feeling 5/20/18

Blog Post created by IamDoneToo on May 22, 2018

Tonight marks three full days of being an EXer smocaholic For about thirty minutes today all I could think about was having a cigarette. I walked around, felt weak, couldn't focus, sat down, drank water then it subsided. How evil that my brain seemed to be taking over this quit. Thankfully, with the knowledge of working through it, my physical nicotine cravings will be out of my system by the end of today. On that note I was able to get through this craving.  

I do feel beautiful on the outside but not the inside.  My esophagus and chest feel inflamed. I picture my lungs to be full of black nicotine. What an ugly image. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow and will ask if I can have the Low Dose CT Scan done on my lungs (which I learned about from this site).  I'm terrified to find out the results because I've been hurting off and on for several years.