Getting over the hump

Blog Post created by Hiker on Jul 18, 2020

So I have mentioned before that I have "quit" so many times it's ridiculous. Maybe I should just say start and stop.  Anyway,  I have gotten to this point so many times.  What helps now is understanding that IF I do light up, (because I'll only have 1) it will only restart my crave.  The crave starts at the last puff you inhale.  

      This is about the time I have previously given in.  I'm getting tired of thinking about smoking or NOT smoking. It's wearing me down. I think to myself,   {{  I've succeeded so far and I've proved I can quit so I can go back to it for a little bit.}}  I'm feeling better physically which means my breathing is easier. I can now hike more comfortable without having to stop so often to catch my breath.  I'm feeling better. I'm getting tired of trying to "get over the crave".  This is usually the point that I give in.  Hence the reason I STOP and then START so many times.  

         What will I do this time?  Keep reading the posts and blogs on this site.  Make an effort to READ READ and READ again all the information that is available here.  I know this is a tough point and I'm thinking it will last about a week or two.  Then I will be back on tract being able to get over the thoughts and craves that have tripped me up in the past.  Just get over this hump.  

         Wanna hear something strangely funny?  Has anyone said " I've done a good job quitting I'll just have a little reward and smoke one cigarette?"   Now that's just ridiculous......LOL  

    Another comment mentioned to me that helps when I see a person smoking is thinking -- They don't GET to smoke, they HAVE to smoke.  For some reason that makes me feel better.  Thanks for being here all.  Now I need to suck a lemon and get reading.  : )