A little frustrated

Blog Post created by Heidigar on Sep 9, 2019

Okay my frustration comes from I'm trying to learn how to function the website and I don't know what I'm not comprehending about I want to be able to take the pledges and maneuver myself around the website I look at all the comments I can I also am frustrated with them I don't have the money to afford the patches in the medicines in a month ago I did I was enrolled with the 1 800 quit now and I was in a shelter and so it was not a good place for me to even attempt because everybody there smoke and blah blah blah but now I'm in my own place and I just got off the phone with 1 800 quit now and I got to wait 24 hours for their call so I'm learning patience but I'm so mad at myself because I can't take this habit again I've kicked a lot of habits and I still struggle with them but ivibe not been able to to fight this one as hard as I fought with them and I know people will understand I guess right now I just need to learn how to get around on the website and to do the things that I want to do like be able to read and understand what the pledges are about and the support and how to reach out when I do have the urge because I'm the worst at hiding it and I have to be honest with myself this time if I'm even going to be successful so I'm thank you for your time and reading my post and I look forward to your comments in and help and thank you