Up In Vape

Blog Post created by Hedy1989 on Oct 15, 2019

I have been smoking since I was 16 years old...I am now 48 and addicted to vaping...oops, switched one addiction for another, thinking I was doing something good for myself by ditching the cigs.  Silly me. I was tricked. Did it to myself. Quit Day is looming (2 days from now) and I am ready. I wake up in the morning and my lungs are killing me. I can't even sleep on my back, it's as if my lungs are protesting the very act of breathing, forcing me to sleep on my side..I don't remember this with the cigs, although I do know I felt pretty awful when I smoked as well. I feel like I'm gearing up for an epic battle and I'm a little fearful. I used to smoke a pack a day. When I got pregnant, I quit and had never felt better. It was such a joy and pleasure and so easy quitting for my unborn daughter, I'm currently trying to see myself as I saw her and do the same for me, practice some self-love I stayed quit from the cigs and started smoking a hookah, the chic way to get your smoky poison fix. After that, I went to the vape. Such great flavor, no smoky smell, I can do it in the car, isn't this great, blah, blah, blah. It's been about 2 years and I feel horrible. I started going back to the gym and did a spin class...almost died. Literally, almost died. I keep picturing myself a year, 2, 5, 10 in the future...I do not want to be a 55 year old woman with a vape trail blazing out my car window down the freeway, NO WAY. Wish me luck if you happen to read this.