Today's Lesson

Blog Post created by Healthy2020 on Mar 10, 2020

2nd day

2nd day of quit but first day back to work.  I had a stressful situation at work and was ready to lose my cool and all I could think about is that I need a cig and that I can't handle this kind of stuff without a cig.  But then I asked myself, "how is smoking going to help this situation?"  Of course the answer was:  it won't. I realized I need to either change my work situation or learn a different way to deal with stress.   So I didn't smoke.  I walked away from the problem for awhile and worked on something else until my head cleared a bit and then went back to it.  And I made it through.  It turns out it wasn't as big of a problem as I thought and I was overreacting.  My lesson for today is I am strong enough to learn how to deal with stress in a different and more productive way then by inhaling poison into my lungs, which doesn't help with stress anyway.