POS (people off smoking)

Blog Post created by Hbingham8 on Aug 27, 2019

Day 3.

I have almost made it through day 3. Not as hard as expected as far as cravings, but my o my the days are dragging by. Or so it seems

Im a little..... off. Mentally speaking. Kind of zoning in and out, not really following conversations with people, not knowing how i drove from A to B, unable to really focus. Anyone else experience this? 

Here is where things really become difficult. Where the cravings become stronger. Where i am seeking out someone who smokes so i dont have to buy any. Just a couple drags. Just 1. Just 1 now and 1 in the morning. Blah blah blah. Stay busy. Sleep. Eat. Excercise.

Speaking of exercise, today was cardio day, which is ALWAYS very brutal, you know cause i smoked. Anyhow i ran 30 minutes straight without stopping or panicking to to catch my breath! I am so stoked about this!

 I figured what the hell. Ill blog my days. If not for someone here to follow, than for myself to follow. Haha.

Carry on POS'ERS!