Becoming a quitter

Blog Post created by Hbingham8 on Jul 19, 2019

Im new here, although NOT to becoming a quitter. I started smoking at 15. Someone told me how cool i looked smoking and it was over from there! I am 42 years young, exercise 5 days a week, and recently started running. Which BTW kills me. My lungs are terrible. I am scared to death i will be one of those people from the brutal quit smoking commercials   .  Yet here i am smoking like a chimney.

I love the trigger advise on changing the routine during trigger moments, which is alot!! With everything i do! But even prolonging smoking by minutes, is a very long time. I have started this phase today. I have not yet set a date. I am struggling with this part of things. I have a vacation coming up in 3 weeks. Should i quit before or after? This vacation will be a huge trigger. Help!