11 Days until Quit Day

Blog Post created by Havetoquitnow on Apr 30, 2020

The days are counting down and I am getting anxious the closer it gets. I have quit before for short times but always seem to start back again. I have been smoking for many years. For the last year I have thought about quitting every day. I know I would feel better physically and mentally but it seems like the more I think about quitting the more I smoke!


Do any of you have any suggestions on how to get through the mornings? As soon as I wake up I get a cup of coffee and start smoking so I think this will be the worst time for me.


I am trying to cut down now so maybe it won't be so hard on my quit date. I usually smoke a pack a day. I have tried patches, gum etc. and still smoked while using them so I am planning to quit cold turkey.