Blog Post created by HappyJoyousFree on Apr 21, 2020

Yep...I was doing fine until Super Bowl Sunday. I smoked and couldn't stop. I've been home since March 20 because of COVID. On March 20, I was up to a pack a day. Now, I'm over that ... maybe up to two packs a day sometimes. 


I started taking Chantix again but it made me sick. It irritated me (nausea) during my last quit but it really wasn't this bad. I'm going to try to go for cold turkey just because of COVID. If I do CT, I can't run out of anything and have to search for NRT supplies everywhere and put myself at risk in public. I have some nic gum here if I need it. And if I find that I'll need it I'll start a search for more gum. 


Easy does it Joy. 


I really wish this site was easier to navigate on my iPhone. There were times the last quit when I couldn't sit in front of an actual computer. Ah well...many people quit smoking without the internet, right?