Day One - redux

Blog Post created by HappyJoyousFree on Oct 28, 2019

Yep here I am again. Quitting again. Day one again. 

But that's ok - I'll never stop quitting. 


I'll do my best to hang out here to not smoke. My big triggers are when I complete something. I'll have to figure out a new reward. 

I work at a university. The students, mostly undergrad, don't smoke. I'm talking about tobacco cigarettes - not the wacky tabbacky kind LOL! Smokers have to smoke outside off university property. There are very very few students out there. Vaping is a thing here though. I refuse to vape - I did it years ago but it was more hassle than helpful. 


I'm going with a CT quit. I can't chew gum because I have invisialign (nic or otherwise), Chantix made my IBS flare up, and I'm allergic to the glue on patches. After rereading this I must admit I look like a hypochondriac. Anyway. If I have to use NRT I'll get some nicmints. 


I've got liquid stevia and that does curb cravings. It doesn't clear my mind triggers but it does seem to work on a lot of the physical cravings. I also have mints and jolly ranchers. At lunch I'll get some raw veggies and ranch dressing and bring it back to my desk. One thing about working at a college - I can always find something to eat!