1st Day today!!!

Blog Post created by HappyJoyousFree on Jun 9, 2019

I didn't mean to quit today. It just sort of happened. My first quit day was supposed to be in a week. I started Chantix last Sunday, June 2. Today marks the first week. 


This morning I ran out of cigarettes and had to move my son's car and back my car out of the garage and driveway. A lot of work; The dog was in the back yard and I didn't feel like letting her in so she won't run out of the gate. 


In other words? I was too lazy to get my cigarettes. 


I hemmed and hawed about it. I googled "when to quit smoking on Chantix". I stalled longer. I went out to bfast. I fell asleep. Next things it's 4 hours later and I'm still too lazy to get a pack of smokes!


So this is it! Somehow my googling lead me to EX, sign up, and do this once and for all. I'm doing ok so far. My mouth tastes icky but that happens whenever I quit smoking. I'll live, right?


EX seems like a nice place.