Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Feb 26, 2020

It really seems that the cravings are the worse when I wake up in the morning, after my afternoon nap, and at night before going to bed!

At least I didn’t wake up with a major sinus headache, I haven’t had to be in front of the toilet getting rid of alot of mucus, and the bad cough I had has lessened alot! I did wake up around 12:30am last night wanting a cigarette; but I opted to just go to the bathroom and try to go back to sleep!

I tried my best to stay busy yesterday with reading, playing my games on my phone, and getting some housework done that had piled up!

I also noticed that my cat was running around happy instead of sneezing constantly because I wasn’t smoking!

The problem with today is finding things to stay busy with; and even though not smoking makes me tired not to take alot of naps!

I hope that today will be better than yesterday and it has already started that way!

I hope that everyone has a great day!

Thank you