Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Feb 24, 2020

I really have no good reason for starting to smoke again after 130 days except the passing of some dear friends at church, boredom, and I thought it would ease the pain of the loss!

it has been a week now and I am so ready to quit again!

i just got over pneumonia which took me a month to finally be done with it. I find that I still have a pain in my left lung where the pneumonia was and I figure the smoking is not helping. I find that now when I wake up in the morning that I don’t feel right without having a cigarette but I have to get past that! I found that not smoking opened me up to the spirits and constant energy around me and I felt that smoking would lessen that! I was wrong!

I have to go back on the site and reset my quit date now!

I really hope that people on this site won’t judge me for my relapse; and instead help me get through my quit again!


Thank you