Day 64 again

Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Sep 20, 2019

I made it through yesterday without a cigarette; but today I feel like I should just go buy a carton and smoke them one after the other!! I know that won’t solve anything!!

When we went to go see the law he said he wanted $1800 instead of the $800 I thought he had said! Of course neither my daughter nor I have that kind of money to spend for bankruptcy! Then he told me to pay off my bank loan of $579 and walk away from my credit cards! He also said they could continue to call me for up to six years trying to get their money or they could try to sue me and not get anything!! I think he just made things worse where it is going to cause me more stress lasting six years!! I did find a phone number for free legal help for seniors and I am going to call today to see if they can help me!!

I have to remember to take it one step and day at a time instead of trying to solve everything at once!!

I hope that everyone is having a great day!!